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Roku Support -
Roku players are ones which need to be setup and since they are electronic devices, may face issues during setup and usage. Therefore, you need Roku support to overcome such troubles with your device or with your channels.
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Steps to activate Roku
Roku TV activation is simple and straightforward. However, you may have to do it carefully to get the desired output. Some tips to rectify the issue include,

• Use the Roku activation code before it expires
• Make sure you have an uninterrupted internet connection during the activation process
• Check the wireless and wired connection between your devices before you setup Roku
• Make use of the activation code for linking the Roku TV to your personal Roku com link account.
Steps to activate channels
If you are unable to add channels directly to your device, you can add them to your Roku account

• To do this, log into your Roku account from another device, say your mobile phone or PC
• Navigate to the Channel store also called the Streaming Channels menu and search for the channel app
• Add the app to your account and simultaneously restart your Roku TV
• Turn on the TV and check if the app reflects on it too
• If not, you can navigate to our website for assistance

Website :
Toll-free number : +1-844-839-1180